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tv   Betsy Mc Caughey Remarks  CSPAN  October 21, 2014 11:25pm-11:44pm EDT

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the young people are at the mercy of the drug cartels and brutal desert heat. they risk injury and death if they are not pulled into the drug cartel and used for other purposes. friends, what we are seeing is neither moral nor compassionate. it is neither moral nor kmagsate to encourage parents to send their children off to embark on a life or death truck with an uncertain outcome. it is neither moral nor compassionate to put children at risk of bodily injury, disease and death or possibly even worse, life is a game played. it is neither moral nor compassionate to put our hardworking american families who live on the border in such
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great risk. it is neither moral nor compassionate to force the american public to borrow another $3.7 billion from china to pay for a border bailout. unfortunately, those in washington are responding to the border crisis in the way they always do. roll the bureaucracy, concentrate more power in washington, d.c. and for more of our hard-earned tax dollars that's be a problem, just like the sale used by politicians to cover up the problems of their own creation and pay out special interest. there are 3.7 billion border bailout rewards the president's allies, bails the centralized bureaucracy and concentrates more power in the hands of the government. this border bailout is so bad,
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would we be opposed to it? even if it were free? we don't need it, we don't want it, and we oppose it. no border bailout. let me have a show of hands. how many of you have flown anywhere around the country in the last year? at beginning of every airline flight, we are remind need should the cabin lose pressure even oxygen mask deploy, we need to put them on ourselves first before we reach over and help others. why? because if we don't take care of ourselves first, we are no good to anybody. let's call it the delta rule. tea party patriots headquartered in atlanta, i fly delta air
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lines a lot. i suggest to be truly compassionate, to be truly moral, we apply the delta rule to the border. first, take care of our own, then take care of others. instead after border bailout, simply respect the law and secure the border. millions of immigrants come to the border legally. we are for legal immigration. we are against illegal immigration. there already is a path to citizenship for those wishing to
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come to america. a legal path to citizenship. our government should not reward those who choose to get off the path, cut in line and break the law. do so would be immoral. in fact, immoral with a ton of unfairly punish those who obey the law and follow the rules. by simply respecting the rule of law, we will send a message to the rest of the world that we welcome immigrants who come here legally and reject those who do not. one of the things that makes america exceptional is the notion we are a nation of laws, not a nation of men. but we will only be a nation of laws as long as we abide by the law.
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so today, i'm on a mission to recruit you for a mission. to rally an opposition to this proposed border bailout. it is immoral for the president to decide on his own a clear violation of the u.s. law that he will not send back illegal immigrant no matter what their age. the deferred wild hood action law must end immediately. it is immoral for the president to seek to borrow billions more to pay for the bailout. it is immoral for congress to consider giving him what he seeks. call your congressmen, write your senators, give them one simple message. no, tell them to vote no on border bailout.
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and if you feel so inclined, you can add a personal note. tell them to vote no on the border bailout or i'll be voting no on you in november. thank you, god bless you and god bless the united states of america. >> i am so glad to be with you today. because we are in the fight of our live time. our access to our doctors and
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hospitals, our religious freedom, our send second amendment right and the rule of law, the very basis of our society, are all under attack. you will play a key roll in helping us take back the united states senate this fall this this country. and you will be decisive in selecting the next president of the united states. there are republicans in washington who say we ought to settle for fixing this health law within the friem work of the health law. they are saying that because they haven't read the health law. if they had, they would know that it is rotten to the core. and i urge you to choose a
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president of the united states who will fully repeal this law. a president who will reign in the government spending and a president who will take seriously his or her duty, sworn duties, to defend and uphold the constitution of the united states. because this law threads your constitutional rights. it lowers your standard of care. it puts government in charge of your care and it takes away something as precious as life itself, your liberty. this law requires almost everyone to enroll in a one size fits all government designed health plan. when you go to file your taxes,
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you have to attach proof for the irs that you are enrolled in such a plan. attaching the proof will shield you from an irs penalty. but it will subject you to a degrief government control and entrugs unprecedented in american history. for the first time in american history. this law empowers the secretary of health and human services. to dictate how doctors treat privately insure eps patients. so even if you have aetna or cign a a, and you paid for it out of your own pocket, the government can still call the shots. yes.f your own pocket, the government can still call the shots. yes. section 11yes, read it and you
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will see. doctors and hospitals will obey whatever regulation the secretary imposes in the name of quality. well, that blanket authority can cover everything in medicine. when a cardiologist chooses to use a stint versus bypass. when an ob-gyn ordered a son grm or does a cesarian. your doctor will be legally retired to epder your medical information into a nationwide interoperative electronic data base seen by thousands of eyes. your doctor's decisions will be monitored for compliance with these government guidelines. which are being written right now. your doctor may have to avoid what is best for you.
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now your president said he would solve the problem of the uninsured by making premiums lower. but instead, you all got the bill in the mail. it takes $716 billion out of medicare over the decade and move it over to fund the expansion of medicaid. it is rock grandma to spread the wealth. that right. even richard foster the president's chief actuary warned that the cuts to medicare are so severe, that some hospitals may stop taking medicare.
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where will hospitals go in other hospitals are reresponding to the severity of the cuts by laying off thursdays everywhere. and i advise people, if you know you're going to the hospital for surgery, for example, try to wobble together enough money for a private doughty nurse, at least for the first night. because when you push that button for pain control or health in the middle of the night, you will wait too long. and if you're a baby boomer, 60 or 61, line up your doctors now. line up your cardiologist. line up your internist. don't wait. in because in you wait until medicare, the doctor doesn't even want to take you on as a new patient. doctors are paid less for seniors than any other kind of patient. in addition to these across the board cuts to medicare, section
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3001, award bonus points to the hospitals that spend the least for per senior. now think about that. not for patient. per senior. we know that hospitals have higher death rates for congestive heart rates, pneumonia, older patients in those hospitals have a poor chance of surviving their illness and making it home again and this law is pressuring other hospitals to imitate the hospitals that have the high death rate. this provision will also mean that fewer seniors get hip replacements, knee replacements, angioplasty, bypass surgery, cataract operation. those are the surgeries that
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have transformed the aging in our country. when i was little, i remember little people were trapped in wheel chairs with crippling arthritis or stuck in nursing homes because they were so out of breath because of congestive heart failure. they continue o work. they travel, play with their grand children. they even come to meetings like this one. . that's right. that's right. and obama care will undue that process. the stakes are very high here. because if you're serious, the best place to be is in the united states. oh, yes, don't let anybody tell you differently. a woman in the united states diagnosed with breast cancer has nearly 90% chance of surviving it. in europe her chances are less than arithmetic, it means
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she is twice as likely to die there.. you do the arithmetic, it means she is twice as likely to die there. nearly 1 of every 4 men in prostate cancer in europe dies from it. and if someone in your family, has what we currently call an incurable illness, this is the nation of hope. this is where the cures are developed. since 1950, the united states has won more nobel prizes than the entire rest of the world combined and that's why defeating this law is the fight of our lifetime. that's right. we're not going to give up on this.
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congress has taken this bill and put it in the paper slhredder ad given us a 20-page bill. a bill that members of congress would actually read before voting on it. 20 pages aught to be enough. the framers of our constitution established the entire federal government in just 18 pages. that's right. i've written a 20-page bill that i will share with you that will replace this. it is the very size of this. that makes it so dangerous. you know, the cheap architective constitution james madison, wrote in federalistic 5 cautioning against congress ever passing a law and here are madison's own words.
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so volume nous that no one could read it. or so frequently changed that a reasonable person would not know what the law is. that is obama care twitchy. yes. yes. and our wallness president has repeatedly rewritten, revised, deleted, and delayed, and distorted this law. so that health plan he is rolling out now bears little resemblance to what congress actually enacted in 2010. and that is the most important reason that we must win a sizeable majority in the united states senate this fall. not simply to slow down obama care. no. but in addition, we must elect a new senate majority leader.
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a new senate majority leader who will have a chat with the president. and we mind the president that in these united states the rule of law is king, not mr. obama. pe must be able to dangle the sword of impeachment over this lawless president's head. not that we would actually want to put our nation through such an ordeal but we must have a sufficient majority in the united states senate it make the threat credible. but that threat is the tool that framers gave us in our constitution to defend our freedom. we must also vote out of office this


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